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We have just written an exciting new book. We feel that many people are alive but not truly living, or they may have many poor health habits that are prematurely pulling them into a grave. So, our title, our cover, and our contents graphically will help people to prevent their demise.


Mr. John Hrycyna - has extensive experience with health and fitness with his own competitions. He is curator of the now world famous Sugarloaf Strongman event and he is an instructor in the Master Fitness and Remedial Physical Training Program in the Army Reserves for over twenty years.


Dr. John Degenhart - has over eighteen years experience as a chiropractor and he has spoken throughout the country, has hosted television and radio shows and has written for newspapers and magazines about alternative health issues. Both authors practice what they preach by still being involved in active, exercise programs.


The book is a synopsis of their life philosophies and experiences concerning exercise, nutrition, chiropractic and effective ways to deal with stress. The book has a bushel full of practical ideas for a "couch potato" to even a seasoned athlete. The book should appeal to both man and woman, particularly the ages from 20 to 80 years old.

Old Too Soon, Smart Too Late Book

About Our Book

The cover of this book is unique or descriptive for a reason. Maybe you have given up on life to due heartbreaks or stress and now your talents are buried - allow this book to pull you from the grasp of death. We want you to seize the moment and awaken to a second life. A ”rebirth' if you may.


Or perhaps you have many poor health habits that you don't seem to have the willpower to change or are prematurely halfway into the grave. Allow us to help you to help yourself out of your grave to a sense of accomplishment that will make you excited to be alive.


The authors will draw from their twenty years of experience with nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and other ways to cope with stress topics that they have written about or observed in the private practice at the office. At times comical, other times true life stories may bring a tear to your eye, the reading is easy and loaded with plenty of practical ideas to help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually to improve you life.


Health is our greatest blessing, and with a national trend toward alternative healing, this book strives to collect a broad spectrum of suggestions under one cover to help the reader to put into practice some of the most current holistic ideas of our time.


So depending on where you are on the path of life, let this book pull you out of the grave if you are living but not alive. Or let us prevent you from slipping into the grave by substituting many little good habits for all of your bad habits. If you felt the catchy title or unique cover caught your attention, the authors are confident that the content of the book will capture your heart.











The cost of the book is $8.95. + $0.54 Sales Tax + $2.50 Shipping / handling fee Total cost is $11.99

Authors of Book

About The Authors

John Hrycyna - (On right) is a struggling health nut who has broken every rule and made all of the mistakes. He started at the bottom of the nursing ladder; finished Distinguished Honor Grad at Northampton College for his L.RN., and before getting his R.N. became disenchanted with the medical community and left to feverishly educate himself in health, nutrition, longevity, blo-mechanlcs, and physical fitness. He practices what he preaches.


He has been a competitive natural bodybuilder since the 80's, and runs weekend 5 K's as often as his schedule permits. Still in the Army Reserve , he works as a medic and his unit's fitness instructor: He is curator: and organizer of the National Drug-Free Sugarloaf Strongman and Strongwoman Competition.


John is married and has children. His love for his family keeps him motivated; Bonnie, Amanda and Rocco are the main source of his drive. He works in maximum security at a state penitentiary. An avid writer; he writes for local and national health magazines and newspapers as well as putting out his own newsletter.



Dr. John Degenhart - (on left) is thankful to God for every day that he lives. His mission in life is to help others become more appreciative of every moment they have. He feels he has been blessed with both professional and personal success and he simply wants to help others to find a way through the problems in life.


He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 1980 and has been ln full-time practice since then. Over the years, he has hosted radio and television shows and written articles for newspapers and magazines concerning alternative health topics. He has spoken to a variety of audiences throughout the country, while still maintaining a balance in his life to keep in shape, keep quiet time for God, and love his wife, Janet and five children, Tina, Brian, Amy, Eric and Tyler: A collegiate soccer player; a triathlete, he is now very active coaching soccer and basketball to children and he still speaks in the schools regularly.


For years, people have been suggesting he write a book once he met John Hrycyna, the opportunity arose and this book is a collection of their philosophies. lt is Dr. Degenhart's desire that with a teachable spirit and some self-control, the reader can improve their lot in life. Words, once acted upon, can alter lives. lf this book touches your heart, then his prayer is answered.

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